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Ladies perform and win prizes!
Ladies and gentlemen
watch the show!

Welcoming: Music, Singing, Karaoke, Storytelling, Spoken word, Readings, Comedy, Dance, Magic, more!

FREE to participate

Performer FAQ

We hope you will take 1-minute to register right now, if you haven’t yet, and please join the Facebook group and RSVP “YES” to the upcoming event.

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Bring your friends, because the audience helps choose the winner!

♦ PRIZES!! ♦

6:00 arrive, setup
6:30 opening music, remarks
7:00 performer 1
7:15 performer 2
7:30 performer 3
7:45 performer 4
8:00 performer 5
8:15 ladies open stage
8:30 winner chosen
8:45 final act
9:00 after-party, all open stage

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