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Justiere is a four-piece, “accidentally folk” band that is 75% located in Pittsburgh, PA! Benjamin won’t be tagging along for this show, so they will be forming as a 3-piece band. They love playing a wide range of songs, including unique cover arrangements of fun songs, and original songs that offer (sometimes comedic) introspective commentary on the world. Their sweet, smooth, and sometimes crunchy harmonies will give you chills and make you want to sing/dance along. Bethanie, Braylee, and Mollie are “just here” for a good time, and they hope you’ll be here too!

Bloga Katė (eng. Bad Cat) is the stage name of the rising singer-songwriter Gabrielė, who is currently based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Her songs are meditations on love, nostalgia, and the human condition. With the release of her first full-length album – Vienatvę Savo / Ir Vienas Kito (The Loneliness of Ours / And of Each Other) – in 2020, Bloga Katė is promoting her unique take on acoustic music. Her most recent release is a live album – Live ’22 – recorded during a solo concert in the Lithuanian National Library. Bloga Katė is an active member of the Lithuanian music scene with live performance being both her passion and a format in which she shines the brightest. Her piano-based songs are usually more dramatic in sound and in themes. She uses alternative tunings for the guitar which makes the songs more relaxed, open and meditative. Everyone who‘s ever loved and lost will be touched by the sheer power that radiates from her voice, her poetry, her sound.
Live performance of Miestas (Tas Katinas): https://youtu.be/3Yi73ro4Pxo
Spotify: https://sptfy.com/79g7
Bandcamp: https://blogakate.bandcamp.com/
Artist profile: https://www.facebook.com/labaiblogakate

Weird Ash Yankabytch (AKA WAY) – WAY is a new Pittsburgh Artist, her artistry centers around hosting events, stand-up comedy, and HipHop music. She has been on the comedy scene for over a decade under her former moniker Mz.M.Dubb. WAY is the first lady of 1403 Ent Music record label founded by Pittsburgh HipHop artist Jay Dix, and has performed at Level Up Studios (featured in a 2022 all female showcase) in addition to hosting the 2022 Creative Playground Halloween Party. She has also performed at venues such as Rock Til Morning Social Club, Steele City Improv, Younger Brothers Bar, and was featured in the Bloom Comedy Showcase at Emerald City Pittsburgh just to name a few more. WAY is hoping to shake the ‘Burgh social scene up in a spectacular way!