Mylene Sisneros is a celebrated singer-songwriter from Long Beach, CA now living in Pittsburgh, PA. Mylene was unable to spend much time on music in recent years due to the demands of being a mother and a wife, but now she has reignited her love of singing again and is thrilled to be back in the game and out and on the scene. Mylene doesn’t feel placed into any particular genre, and she loves nearly all types of music. Music is an exciting, life-giving, and deeply spiritual experience for Mylene. Her original songs tell compelling life stories reflecting on her on personal life experiences.

CEO of Poetry and Me, Author of “Roses from Stones, Poet and Influencer. She takes pride in the arts. Her one true love is Poetry. She enjoys hosting poetry events that welcome seasoned and new performers alike. Her mission is to assist in providing local artists better resources, that will allow them to do what they love and get reasonably compensated. She also enjoys Spoken Word and Story telling.

Ukulele Mollie is a singer/songwriter from the greater Pittsburgh area. Mollie loves subverting people’s expectations regarding what kind of music can be played on the ukulele. She explores a wide variety of genres, including modern-day folk/pop, 80’s rock, traditional French, and classic country/bluegrass, along with creating medleys full of nostalgic, toe-tapping tunes. She also writes original music about love, anguish, mental illness, joy, travel, and real-life experiences. Her music is available on all streaming services, with a new EP on the way.

Hi y’all my name is Symphany but my performing name is Sol. I’m a performing artist based in Pittsburgh. I have been using dance as a form of self expression and body medicine since I was young. About two years ago I discovered flow props and instantly fell in love. I picked up my first prop about 2 years ago which was poi and have been gradually adding to my collection of flow toys. A year ago I began my hoop journey and rediscovered my deeper love for flow. I also use gloves, fans and staffs props . Recently I began my fire bending journey with fire props. I hope that when people see me flow they feel encouraged to move their body and feel the life energy of creativity flow through them same as I feel that energy flow through me when I flow.

I believe music has the ability to convey all sorts of emotions. For me, music is more than just something to listen to or to play, it’s something to feel.