We are excited to welcome these amazing, talented ladies to Ladies Got Talent at The Forge Urban Winery on Friday 9/2/2022. Ladies Got Talent hosts will be Jessica Bella and Pop Baby!

Ukulele Mollie is a singer/songwriter from the greater Pittsburgh area. Mollie loves subverting people’s expectations regarding what kind of music can be played on the ukulele. She explores a wide variety of genres, including modern-day folk/pop, 80’s rock, traditional French, and classic country/bluegrass, along with creating medleys full of nostalgic, toe-tapping tunes. She also writes original music about love, anguish, mental illness, joy, travel, and real-life experiences. Her music is available on all streaming services, with a new EP on the way.

Dreu Moreland is a independent filmmaker and illustrator in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Dreu was born to tell stories. She loves to share her experience through the art of storytelling to help spread laughter and joy.

A self-described “nobody trying to be somebody with a story to tell”. “Cinematic Experience”, Lorelai’s first album, is coming soon with thirty tracks of a variety of genres that tell that story.